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Marvel Premiere! Featuring... Rollerman!

Finding the world's true superheroes has been what this blog has been about since its inception in 2003. Well okay, I've found one: the Perplexing Polarman, currently making Iqaluit a safer place. But now word comes of the arrival of... Rollerman!

But is he really a superhero? He does have a cool costume and name, but in the entirety of this video he does not once apprehend a bad guy. However, it looks like he has violated many traffic laws. It's just a matter of time until he flattens some poor innocent bystander. So he must be a supervillain.

Luckily for him he lives in Paris, far from the forces of justice that might put an end to his evil ways. But he shouldn't get too comfortable, evil will always be defeated in the end.


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