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Not everyone in Quebec wants to abandon Afghanistan

Last weekend, local businessman Andre Dupont took out a full page ad in Le Droit, the largest French language paper in the Gatineau-Hull-Ottawa region.

An English translation:

Be proud of our Canadian military

Nobody is in favour of War

No one is in favour of war for the sake of war.

But when our country mobilizes to defend people’s freedom, democracy and peace, we have the duty to support our soldiers, to acknowledge their courage and to honour them.

We should be proud of these men and women who put their lives on the line every day in the name of defending our institutions and our freedom.

Our prayers go out to our soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world, and there is a special place in our heart for those who fall on the battlefield and give their lives carrying out their mission. To their families, their wives and their husbands and their children we offer our most profound sympathies.

Would that their sacrifice serve as an example to all of us, and their example inspire the next generation.

Andre Dupont

You really have to respect someone willing to spend his own money and risk losing customers to state something he believes in and feels needs more support.

Feel free to use the image and translation on your own blog to help spread Andre's message.

Now, back to work...


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Very well put. We could use more of this in every province not just Quebec.
Bravo Andre Dupont.

R. Brown

Very well put. We could use more of this in every province not just Quebec.
Bravo Andre Dupont.

R. Brown

A great thank you for this
man who sees that fact we
can not leave Afhganistan
when we know we are doing
well and are our troops are
so well-respected as they
should be.
The people who want to cut and run are not thinking of
anyone but themselves in
a political way and in a
way that shows no thought
to the people we are there
to help have a country that
runs with a democratic
Thank you for your intelligence in knowing
we must not leave and in having the money to do this!

Wow! Thanks for highlighting this.

Worth sharing -- thank you.

A great sentiment on North America's trip to Hell.
Sure support the troops? Of course. The war?
Not on your life. But wait, it isn't yours is it?

You can't support the troops and not support their mission. They are there to defend a fragile democracy from totalitarian scumbags, and the vast majority of them want to finish the job. You can't support them and claim that what they are fighting -- and sometimes dying -- for is wrong.

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