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Not now, Stephane, I'm trying to focus!

With Captain Destructo and the Mistress of Chaos in school only part time this year, it's hard enough trying to scrape a few hours together to work on my exciting new priority. But if the so-called 'leader' of the Liberals follows through on his big talk and triggers an election this fall, it'll be very hard to get anything off the ground. I'll have a bit more responsibility in the next campaign, and plan to keep very busy running the Grits out of Quebec. But I'd really like a little more time to focus right now.

For the life of me, I can't understand what Dion is thinking. After the pasting his party took in Quebec a little while ago, I thought he'd want to step back from the brink to put together a real platform and do some fund-raising. But no, he's putting up his fists again, with one black eye and a couple of broken teeth, and trotting out the same warmed over mush that knocked him on his ass before. 'Hidden agenda!' 'Kyoto!' 'Abandon Afghanistan!' 'A new plan to fight poverty!'

The only explanation I can see is that Dion is getting some very bad advice from others in the party who see that only an election will purge this mistake from their midst -- and that the sooner it happens, the sooner they can begin rebuilding and refinancing. They want him gone, and they're cheering him forward into a battle he cannot win.

Which is probably true enough, but why should the taxpayers of Canada have to pay for the Liberals' mistake?

Oh, that's right! I remember now...



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