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Hey Stéphane, I was just kidding!

When I mentioned a couple of days ago that opposing the GST might be a good policy for the Liberals, I didn't expect you to take me seriously:

For a political leader who has said he doesn't want an election, Stéphane Dion, the head of the Liberal Party, sounds like he's itching for a campaign battle when talking about Conservative plans to cut another point off the GST.

The Liberal Leader was in London, Ont., on Monday and delivered a rather harsh analysis about why cutting the GST by another point — as pledged in this month's Speech from the Throne — was a bad idea.

I mean, I agree with you Stéph: lowering corporate and income taxes are a better way to build the economy. But there's three reasons why opposing this cut is a bad strategy:
  • You have no credibility as a tax fighter. No one believes that you will follow through. I sure don't.
  • Opposing a very visible and annoying tax and offering corporate tax cuts instead isn't likely to win much support amongst people who aren't economists.
  • Praising corporate tax cuts! The biggest threat to your base right now is the NDP, and they are gonna use this to maximum effect.
But I don't want to discourage you Stéphane. If you want to try to re-invent yourself as the candidate for sensible economic policy, go for it! But you have a lot of work to do...


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I appreciate the political comments Bruce and I love the pictures of the kids. But--on September 10 you said that you would have some interesting news in two or three weeks. It's been 7 weeks now and I haven't seen anything yet - or did I miss it?

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