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Liveleak browser hijacker?

My wife just got a nifty-kewl new tablet computer courtesy of the Quebec taxpayers. It's loaded with muscular software to protect anyone from doing anything naughty with it. It's mostly for her office, but I managed to connect it to our home network. I had to install her mail program in her documents directory.

I was trying it out, reading a few blogs and news sites, when something odd happened at The London Fog. It started loading fine -- and then after a moment it started loading this Bulgarian Youtube clone. Hijacked! The browser was MS Explorer (of course) 6.0.2900, and the OS was XP tablet edition. After poking around a bit, I managed to find another couple of sites where it happened as well. The only thing these sites had in common was embedded Liveleak videos.

So far, I've found nothing on the web about this. It must be a very new thing because the silly site the hijacker flies the browser to was working last night, but now seems to have been brought down by all the traffic. What to do? I dunno. But I find it amusing that this brand new computer from the government -- stuffed with the latest expensive security software -- has been compromised on its first day on the internet, while I've surfed bareback with my regular computer for over a year have and haven't had so much as a sniffle.


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