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Okay, what's with the Candyland obsession?

Over the past couple of months, I've had hundreds and hundreds of hits to this blog coming from Google looking for... Candyland pictures. You know, I wrote piles and piles of great stuff a few years ago when I was optimistic and enthusiastic about this whole blogging thing. I can look back at that old stuff and I still think it's pretty good. Yet this is my final legacy on the internet?


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I can't tell you the number of hits I still get looking for a picture I put up once of Bill Davis smoking a cigar. Candyland seems less weird by comparison.

Bill Davis? Smoking a cigar? Sounds like first-class content to me.

I also get quite a few hits (and a lot of hot-linking) to this picture of Bill Gates. But that's understandable.

Personally, I came here because I'm setting my yard up like Candyland for Halloween so I was trying to find an original pic of the game. My daughter has it, but it's at my brother's, and since I too loathe playing the game, I haven't bothered to replace it.. ;)

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