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Possessed by the spirit of Martha Stewart

Halloween is a spooky time. And nothing could be spookier than having your body controlled by a woman that makes simple things complicated, then claims they're 'Simple'. I spent hours on Max's costume, and paid at least $20 in supplies. That eerie presence inside me -- I can't explain the feeling! I feel so used.

But it was worth it, I guess. No one could say he doesn't look exactly like what he asked for. A better furnace costume has never been made.

Mama had an easier time with Talia's costume. Fairy Princess hand-me-downs from a friend -- done! Next year I'm taking the easy route too. Over-sized Spiderman pajamas over a parka, plastic mask -- good! That's it, go get 'em, kid!

UPDATE: Aaugh! She's back! And she's making me get my power tools to work on the pumpkins. Pumpkins? More than one? No. Stop! Nooooo!


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But is it a high efficiency furnace costume?

I understand it was pretty warm, so it must have been...

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