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Stuff Happens

When you have children, your home becomes full of stuff. Suddenly, there is stuff everywhere. Stuff adorns each level of your bookshelves, sits on your stairs, clutters your counters and tables, hides under your furniture, and gets lodged in your feet in the middle of the night. Behold the contents of a shoebox that was used as a temporary stuff receptacle in just one sample household:

A cheap metal airplane with the propeller blades snapped off, a page of glitter easter egg stickers, many brightly coloured hair clips, a really cheap plastic stegosaurus dug out of a sandbox at a birthday party scavenger hunt, a Wizard of Oz Tinman Happy-Meal doll, a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Happy-Meal doll, a battered mini-pack of tissues with pictures of bears on them, an oversized pencil with a multicoloured lead, a snail shell, a small unrecognizable clump of Lego from some mini kit, a cheap green button very poorly sewn to a square of fabric, a very small Tonka truck with eyes on the windshield as in that Pixar movie, a rubbery and translucent piece of plastic bacon, a harmonica, a Hot Wheels forklift, a very cheap plastic horse, a beat-up golf ball, a little red glass heart, the remains of some Kinder Egg toys that didn't really fit together right, a cheap plastic toy scalpel, a pencil from the Ontario Pork marketing board, a fragile figurine of Statesman from City of Heroes, a rubber red lizard, a toy drill bit, numerous tiny beads, another little red glass heart, a plastic toy key, two pieces of plastic that pretended to be 'flash cards' as part of the world's cheapest and most easily broken personal stereo system, a couple of little bells, and a tiny figurine of Piglet wrapped in a rubber Winnie the Pooh costume.
I know the internet is only to be used to share useful and interesting information, but I feel like being a rebel today...


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Oh my goodness! I'm finding that out with our little one as well, and she's only a year old!! Drawers are being filled with crap you don't know if you should keep or throw out!

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