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Stuff & Things XXV

The situation: My wife has left me for the more needy residents of Iqaluit. On cue, the Mistress of Chaos came down with a nasty cold, keeping her out of school and awake at night. Captain Destructo is still healthy, biding his time until Talia recovers. I had a blood test this morning that required me to fast for twelve hours, forcing me to delay my mandatory morning cup of coffee. As a result, I have a splitting headache that numerous pain relievers have not been able to vanquish. It is cold and blustery outside. The Devil Dog is barking repeatedly whenever a couple of leaves drop past a window. This is not helping my headache. The kids are downstairs watching more TV than is good for them. I am slumped in front of the computer, not working on an exciting new priority, but wandering about the interweb. Here's a partial itinerary:

  • A New Brunswick blogger named 'Spinks' has completed his list of the 101 people who are screwing up Canada. It's based on the Bernard Goldberg book 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America, and probably a similar ideological position. 2006 Most Annoying Canadian winner Jack Layton only comes in 27th so obviously this Spinks guy doesn't know what he's talking about. But there is a certain overlap between his choices and the 2006 MAC nominees.
  • Squeak has still not returned home. Normally I would only be moderately concerned, but there have been a number of cat-nappings in the Ottawa area recently, and the note that the loony or loonies responsible sent to one of the owners suggests (to me, at least) they might be from my area:
    The note accused the couple of neglecting the pet, saying Slim was "unbelievably matted" and thin and suggesting the cat was now better off.

    "He is now fed all natural organic cat food.... He lives in the country on a lake with a sweet female cat. He is so incredibly happy and healthy now.... Obviously I have no intention of returning him to the city streets to be neglected again."

    Nice. The CBC has a photo of poor Slim.
  • TCS Daily has a nice piece on the US Justice Department's dismantling of the idea of 'Net Neutrality'. Obviously, they read the irrefutable demolition of the idea on my blog last year.
  • Is it time to start to feel sorry for the Liberals? Oh, no no no. This is much too entertaining. Prominent Liberal on the net, Jason Cherniak:
    What did all the complainers do? They made the memo public! They got just about everything that they asked for, yet still it was not enough. You know what? I'm sick of them. I'm sick of their tactics. I'm sick of their stupidity. I'm sick of their inability to do their jobs. The goddamn National Executive is responsible for PRIVATELY organizing the party. Whoever leaked Jamie Carroll's memo should have the words "STUPID FUCKING IDIOT" engraved on his or her tombstone.
    Engaging in public infighting with other party members because they took their infighting public. This is just too much fun.
  • A trio of good articles on the Opinion Journal site today:
    • First, another reminder of where Putin has taken Russia, and where it's headed.
    • Secondly, a detailed summary of the principles, the history, and the results of the 'neocon' movement. The clever people have decided that their ideas have obviously been discredited, but the show isn't over yet.
    • As if to support that contention, the third piece argues that things are much better in Iraq than most people know.
  • You may have heard that there are problems with the Canadian health care system. If you haven't, David Gratzer will refresh your memory.
  • Of course, The US system is a mess too. But Max Borders explains that the causes are not what Michael Moore would have you believe.
  • Okay, the pizza is here. And I managed to prevent the dog from killing or frightening away the delivery person! Excellent. Time to serve my children what we call 'surfing pizza'...


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