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This is gonna be a fun story to watch...

The story of ex-Liberal Blair Wilson gets more interesting:

Former campaign manager Wood said the Elections Canada probe needs to find out how much spending was covered by cash and not included in the financial report filed by the Wilson campaign.

Wood said the Wilson campaign appeared to spend more money than she had budgeted for when she was manager during the campaign's early days.

She said she kept a tight rein on spending, but that was jettisoned once Wilson replaced her with Guillio Vilas, an outsider who few people in the riding association knew.

Wilson and Vilas became "joined at the hip," Wood said,and cash payments were often used to pay for services or supplies.

She recalled that Vilas appeared at her Sechelt home to pay her for wood she had purchased for campaign signs.

"He had this wad of hundred-dollar bills," Wood said.

"And he rolled off four one-hundred-dollar bills and left them on my dining room table."


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