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When you work in a corporation too long...

You know how it is. Most of your time is spent on things that are not important. Well, they are important, of course. Your company would fall apart if it wasn't for the many minor tasks you and your fellow workers accomplish each day. But you don't expect any appreciation for them, and they're not anything to write home about.

Once in a while though, you do work on something that stands out. Something you will remember all your days, and that you will probably tell your grandchildren about. It makes you glow with pride and feel energized and excited about your job. No, this is not just a job! It's your Calling in Life! This is not a time for false modesty. Accomplishments like this are good for the moral of your fellow employees, will force customers to reappraise their previous experiences with your company, and -- let's face it -- will allow the top management to see your unique blend of skill and drive, as well as the long-term, out-of-the-box, paradigm-breaking thinking you're capable of. It will finally earn you the promotion you deserve.

You must tell everyone. Send a company-wide email. Make a presentation to your department. And invite the top management! This is big! Send a press release to the media! Take matters into your own hands and send the news to your entire customer database! Everyone must know that you have taken your company to a whole new level of service!

We're writing to let you know that Park Plaza has updated its Privacy Policy effective October 28th, 2007. We value your business and are excited to make these changes, enhancing our services to serve you better.

Please take a few moments to review the updated Privacy Policy.

Thank you for staying at Park Plaza!

And then everything is quiet. Why have there been no responses to your email? Why did no one show up for your presentation? There hasn't been one follow-up phone call, or anyone dropping by your desk. Is your work not respected? What's the matter with the people around here? Are they stupid? Or do they just not care?

Face it, you hate your stupid job...


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