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Will blog for clothing

A friend of ours in Montreal knit the Mistress of Chaos a sweater, but only would hand it over if a photo of the little girl wearing it appeared on this blog. I was not there, so I played no part in these negotiations; and unfortunately my wife readily agreed. Had I been there, I would have told her that the dedicated staff at Autonomous Source do not take requests, and we do not accept compensation for doing the bidding of others. The only exceptions have been for Tom Flanagan, the oil companies, Karl Rove, and the international Zionist lobby.

But my wife did agree, so here's the photo:

It is a nice sweater. But it's still much less than my usual rate. I'll have to talk to my wife...


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The zionist plot to take over the home-knit sweater world is not well known by the public at large. If someone named 'Mossad' calls you on a cell phone I suggest you throw the phone away immediately!

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