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A shiny Autonomous Source no-prize to the first reader that identifies the animated cartoon franchise depicted by the odd shapes of these tasteless noodles:

The slices of hot dogs were my own addition. Sometimes I can lead our children on quite the culinary adventure.

UPDATE: We have a winner! The correct answer of Scooby Doo was given by dmorris. Besides the everlasting pride, he wins a coveted Autonomous Source no-prize which is not on its way to him right now!


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The Flintstones?

btw, it may constitute child abuse feeding your kids that stuff! ;-)

Sorry, try again. Try to resist that queasy feeling, you must look closer...

Oh good god...

Yogi Bear?

Winnie the Pooh?

An animated cartoon franchise of tasteless noodles and weiners...

... the federal Liberal Party?

Porky Pig?

Wow. This must be harder than it looks. It's very clear to me.

Once you see it, it'll jump right out at you.

Then you'll have to change your shirt.

Bart Simpson

Scooby-Doo! looks just like a great dane!?

Scooby Doo! Yes, we have our winner! You can see Scooby in quite a few places and Velma twice in the middle right side. God only knows what the rest of them are.

Congratulations dmorris! Your no-prize will not be arriving at your residence soon!

Scooby Doo? mean his breakfast?

"Your no-prize will not be arriving at your residence soon!"

Good! My garage is already full.

I have an uponed can of "the Simpsons" noodles in my cupboard.It is made by Heinz and taste as good as it looks. There is the immediate family plus,Mr.Burns,Krusty,and Grandpa.

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