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Oscar Biscet

Anyone heard anything about this guy?

He is one of the bravest and most inspired of the Cuban political prisoners. He is a physician, an “Afro-Cuban,” a follower of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King. If he were a prisoner of anyone but Castro — a Communist dictator — he’d be world-famous. If he were a South African, under apartheid, he’d be on the stamps of virtually every country in the world.

Let me continue in this vein: If he were a prisoner under a right-wing dictatorship, he’d be featured on 60 Minutes every week. He’d be on the cover of Time magazine every week. College campuses would hold sit-ins. Biscet’s face would adorn posters and T-shirts. Etc., etc.

Unfortunately, his brave defiance is directed at Castro's Cuba. Castro's brave defiance towards the US trumps Biscet's, and so he will remain unknown.

More on Biscet's story here.


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Yes, I'd heard of him. I once got wind of the blog campaign to free him. His campaign seems to be picking up. We should really lobby for this guy.

and don't forget the Nobel, he'd be a shoo-in.

True, he'd be a very good candidate. Certainly better than Gore. But after receiving recognition from Bush, there's not much chance he'd even get nominated.

I'm doubtful that anything done by bloggers would do anything to change Cuba's policies. Hollywood could do something, maybe, but there's little chance of that. It will have to be the Cubans themselves to fix things -- and there are signs that they want to. When they finally announce that Castro is dead, there might be a chance...

Another reason why few people have heard of him is because he is against abortion.

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