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I remember telling myself a few months ago that I'd soon have to stop displaying my children on the internet for the amusement of others. They're getting older now, and they may find some photos embarrassing when they become aware of them. But I think for the most part I've been sensitive to this possibility, and have been considerate of their dignity. Until now, that is:

Max and Talia are dancing to Feist's Leisure Suite. Note how Max is into the music, and Talia is into the camera. Forgive me kids, I just couldn't resist...


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Ahhh, payback will be a b***h when they post their old doddering father maneuvering in and out of his rocker...heh.

Very kewl.... I'd say they are ready for vegas,

This is... awesome...

I'm just happy all the videos of me like this are on VHS and my parent's are too lazy to put them on youtube or something in a vengeful attempt to ruin my college career...

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