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When is the government going to fix everyone's problems?

I mean, jeez! The Conservatives have been in power for two years now! Well, almost. The Liberal master of windy rhetoric, Ken Dryden, spoke in Parliament Friday:

Mr. Speaker, when I travel across the country, I hear the same thing, from those with disabilities, from those who cannot read, from students, from aboriginals. I ask them what the government is doing and they say nothing or next to nothing: from seniors, from parents needing to work who have children needing to learn, nothing; from the poor, nothing; from people who live the experience, not just formulate life from their own minds, anything big, tough, anything that has to be taken on together, nothing.

When will the government take this special opportunity and really do something?

(Lifted from the Phantom Observer, because I'm not crazy enough to read through those transcripts myself. Follow the link to read about Dryden's St├ęphane Dion moment...)

In Dryden's worldview, everyone is just sitting around waiting for some massive new social program that will rescue them from their problems. People are passive, and helpless without government assistance. What a depressing perspective.


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