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December 26, 2006

Jack takes the prize!

I should have announced this much earlier, but better late than never, I suppose:

Jack Layton is 2006's winner of the Most Annoying Canadian!


(Picture shamelessly ripped off from Le Cornichon.)

With 37% of the vote, Jack dominated this competition from the beginning, handily beating other annoying Canadians such as David Suzuki, Belinda Stronach, and Colleen Jones. I suspect the timing of the vote may have had some impact on the results, as Jack had been making noises against the Canadian mission in Afghanistan during the beginning of October. If the 2006 MAC voting was being held today, perhaps Gilles Ducheppe or Stephane Dion would have taken the prize. But no matter, Jack is richly deserving of the award, and the people have spoken.

October 14, 2006

MAC 2006 Update

First an apology. Due to a clerical error here in Autonomous Source headquarters, the ability to vote once per day had been disabled for much of this week. If you have been trying to vote since Wednesday only to be told that you have already voted, you will now be able to vote again. We apologize for the error, and assure you the person responsible has been properly chastised and is feeling very guilty.

But there have not been to many people trying to vote as the race has turned into a rout, with Jack Layton firmly in the lead. He currently has the support of 39% of respondents, a huge lead over second place Belinda Stronach and third place David Suzuki, who each have only 8%. It's hard to imagine anyone catching Jack at this point, so the race is pretty much over.

Which is why I've decided to change the rules a bit. The current vote will continue until November 15, at which time the top five will compete to win the ultimate championship. If current trends hold up, those five will be Jack, Belinda, Dr. Suzuki, George Stroumboulopoulos and Ben Mulroney. But that's only if current trends continue -- the race is much closer for second, third, fourth, and fifth places. And in the final poll -- which will end December 31 -- who knows what will happen?

Is this change of rules a transparent attempt to make the competition more competitive, thus generating more interest and hits? Yes. Yes, it is.

October 05, 2006

Media onslaught continues

I'll be on John Gormley's show on News Talk 650 in Saskatchewan today. I'll be on at just past noon Eastern time, 10:00 Mountain. If I keep doing these shows, maybe one day I'll be good at them.

UPDATE: Yeah, that went really well, I think. And this one was fun too. It's fun to think of some guy driving a pickup across the prairies listening to me.

UPDATE II: I also did an interview with my local weekly paper. Now I'm going to be outed as a blogger and Conservative to my neighbors. I'm a little nervous about that, actually...

October 03, 2006

So much for my future in radio

I can't say my first interview went very well. I missed part of some of Roy Green's questions and detected a strange quaver in my voice. But just as I was starting to warm up they pulled the plug on me for my insufferable lameness. Oh well. But I was surprised by how I was trashed by him and Charles Adler after I was on. I missed part of it, but I heard a comment comparing the list to something a 'seven-year-old' would create. They disputed many of the nominees and accused me of being an attention-seeking nobody. Whoa! That hurts!

Hey, this is just a small blog for me to goof around on. I spend very little time on it or even thinking about it. I've got no aspirations and generally avoid the various tools available for promoting blogs. The nominations for the list were mostly picked my readers, if there's a problem with them, blame them. It's fun that I have a momentary moment of (very minor) fame, but a little frightening too.

This is the internet. Content is ephemeral. Getting offended by a name on the list, or by an omission, is silly. Radio is ephemeral too. I shouldn't let this bug me.

UPDATE: I did much better on AM640. The vodka shots helped, I think.

October 02, 2006

Blast off!

The voting for the Most Annoying Canadian got off to a huge start today, thanks to an early couple of links from Darcey at Dust My Broom and The Shotgun. Daimnation! and Small Dead Animals soon followed, and the traffic through this normally quiet site became immense. I don't think the carpets in the foyer can ever be repaired.

But it doesn't end there. Tomorrow I'll be appearing on Craig Bromell's show on Toronto radio station AM640. No doubt they're shocked that Charles Adler has been accused of being annoying and will try to intimidate me to get me to remove his name. If you want to listen to me try to avoid being tongue-tied in front of an audience of thousands, tune in tomorrow just after the 11:00 news.

UPDATE: I'm also going to be on Roy Green's show on CHML AM900 in Hamilton just past 10:00 this morning. Oh, what am I gonna wear?

October 01, 2006

Most Annoying Canadian 2006

As promised, the end of September closed the nomination period for the 2006 Most Annoying Canadian competition. Now the voting can begin. Autonomous Source headquarters has worked very hard to choose the twenty-four candidates listed below. They, and the also-rans, were carefully categorized according to a complex process that gave them each ratings on various 'annoying' metrics. Then I picked the ones I liked.

Ben MulroneyDon CherryDavid SuzukiGeorge Stroumboulopoulos
Alexa McDonoughJason KenneyJack LaytonStephen Lewis
Maude BarlowKate McMillanSacha TrudeauBob Rae
Ken DrydenCharles AdlerPhil FontaineBuzz Hargrove
Margaret AtwoodDalton McGuintyHedy FryTed Simonett
Colleen JonesRona AmbroseJoe VolpeBelinda Stronach

Vote for your choice on the sidebar (on the home page). You will be able to vote once per day, and voting will end on December 31st of this year. Please do not make your choices lightly, as the winner will move on to the Worlds, where we have a chance to stage an upset victory over the Americans. We know Canadians are annoying, now is the chance to assert our international dominance.

September 06, 2006

Most Annoying Canadian Update

My thanks to the people who made nominations for this year's Most Annoying Canadian competition, and to the other bloggers that helped me spread the word. From those nominations (and a bit more thinking on my part) I've added a few more candidates into the race:

But I'm still sure there are some hard-working and very annoying Canadians that are missing. It would be an affront to them to be overlooked in this very prestigious contest. I'm especially interested in those that the Canadian 'left' find annoying (and why). As well, if any of those proposed are not annoying, I'd be glad to hear of it. Avril Lavigne, for example, I threw on the list knowing next to nothing about her. Annoying or not? I need to know.

Nominations will continue to be taken until the end of September. By then, I hope to have finished reading my book on PHP and MySQL and have a super-secure method of tabulating votes in place.

August 28, 2006

Nominations needed for Most Annoying Canadian: 2006

Canada ranks third in the world at creating annoying personalities, falling behind only the United States and France. Our country's smugness and self-righteousness are world-renowned, and our isolated and state-sponsored media produces an abundance of vacuous, self-regarding talking heads. Annoying people incubated in Canada have gone on to annoy millions of others around the world. We should be proud of our leadership in this area, but I feel our country is instead at best apathetic, and at worst, ashamed.

Almost two years ago, I launched an online contest to determine who the Most Annoying Canadian was so we could celebrate this aspect of our national makeup. The fact that it got me my best traffic ever, and even had me noticed (in a small way) by the mainstream media has nothing to do with me launching the contest again. The real reason is that being annoying in Canada is incredibly competitive, so new personalities are constantly pushing the old to the sidelines in the battle for leadership. Ben Mulroney and George Stroumboulopoulos were not even nominated last time, but this time around I think they may be major competitors. Also, there was some controversy with the results last time, as a huge last-minute surge pushed Antonia Zerbisias over the top. This time I've got the Carter Center to help validate the voting procedure, so I'm pretty sure it'll be fair.

The first stage of the competition will to nominate the candidates. The cutoff is the end of September. The photos above are a few contenders I've chosen to get people thinking, but I'm sure there are many annoying Canadians I haven't considered. Drop your suggestion in the comments, or just second the nomination if your favourite is already there. Thanks for your interest, and may the Most Annoying Canadian win.