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October 30, 2007

Stuff & Things XXVI

  • I mentioned a month and a half ago that I was working on an Exciting New Priority. Well, I've spent a great deal of energy on it, but I'm putting it back on hold for now. It's a business idea -- and I do still think it would work -- but I haven't got the time, the connections, or the background knowledge required to get it off the ground. I've talked to many people, and some have been helpful, but I've also been quite discouraged by the numerous brick walls I've crashed into. Every advice book or coach would say, "Don't give up!" but it's just not the time right now. I'm still doing some research, but I'm toning down the intensity. I really don't understand how two-income families work, particularly with children my age. Maybe in the new year...
  • In other bad news, Darcey had his site hacked and his database deleted. I would have thought his host would have a backup, but it looks like he's starting from scratch. I can't imagine the frustration. I know there's some bad people out there, but anyone who could do something like this is just scum.
  • Let's hope Flaherty announces some real tax cuts beyond the GST cut and targeted credits. You've had almost two years now guys, start loosening the ropes!
  • Did I mention that Squeak came back? He did, after almost two weeks away from the house. No thanks to the Devil Dog. I'm sorry if anyone was still worried...
  • Jeffrey Simpson has written a column without using the term 'Harperites'. This is big news.
  • Deadwood season three from US$68.99. From (and everywhere else I've looked in Canada): CDN$ 99.98. You can try a little harder...
  • Is big oil responsible for the numerous spills that have polluted Ecuador? Nope, just socialism. Same as usual.
  • I've always thought that kiosks that could create the CD or DVD you wanted on the spot would be the ideal way to sell music and video. The elimination of complex inventory control and shipping would allow prices to be cut, and product selection would be vastly increased. Finally, someone is doing it, but... oh-oh, what's this:
    Rosenbaum added that the studios are not likely to discount the DVDs.
    Thanks guys. You really know how to earn our business.
  • Speaking of new business models, Amazon is now selling protection-free MP3 downloads of all their music at reasonable prices! I've been waiting my whole life for this! But, uh... oh. It's only available in the US. Nice.
  • I've installed yet another stoopid blogthing. I've joined MyBlogLog, which allows me to better track the comings and goings of visitors to this page. So long as they're registered with the service, that is. Like most of these social-networking things, its value is based on the number of members it has. So far, the only blog I know that's using it is the Blog Qu├ębecois. But now that I have doubled its presence in the Canadian blogosphere it can only become more popular.
  • You know that Liveleak hijacker I mentioned? I got an email from Liveleak asking more more info, even though I never notified them of what I saw in the first place. I told them what I know, but they never replied back. I'm guessing they have some awareness of the problem, but it's pretty rare. Google still has nothing on it (except my post). *Shrug*
  • Man, I've spent too much time on the net today. I better get out there and rake those leaves...